Sangha / Chapel

The Sangha is our Holy Place, a non-denominational sacred room for prayer and meditation. It is a space that has been created to remind us of:

  • Unity
  • Love
  • Peace                                                                              Your vision will become clear only when
  • Vision                                                                              you look into your heart. Who looks outside,
  • Vibration                                                                         dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.
  • Being ness                                                                                                Carl Jung
  • Stillness
  • Safety
  • Prayer
  • Enlightenment
  • Light
  • Consciousness

“a widespread need in contemporary spirituality is to find ways of praying and engaging with God, our selves, and one another that have room for simultaneous contradictions, the experience of opposite emotions. We need to find the sacredness in living the tensions and to admit how unsacred, how disconnecting, how profane, are the attempts at praying and living while suppressing half the stuff that fascinates or plagues us” Fr Martin Smith


The specific design of the Sangha is in accordance with the laws of sacred geometry, maximizing the vibrational and divine energy of the space. The pentagon and pentagram ( 5-pointed star, not to be confused with the reverse signal of paganism ) represent regeneration and the introduction of life itself. Pentagonal symmetry is the supreme symbol of life.

The Sangha is a pentad shaped thatch dwelling for prayer and meditation. It faces east – place of illumination and clarity – where a handcrafted* stained glass Mandala window offers a central point for focus above the altar. The doors of the Sangha reflect the chakras, or energy fields of the body, opening up to enlightenment. The Sangha is a dynamic evolving space. It changes according to the needs and beliefs of the individual, although it is seen as accommodating all faiths. The Sangha offers many tools for deepening of meditation and prayer, for playful creativity and connectivity, for inspiration and guidance. * Created by John Tilley, colleague and dear friend.