Avalene Bateman is the owner and director of Gaia Healing Sanctuary. Avalene is a registered clinical psychologist with a private practice in Gauteng.

Her areas of interest include:

holistic healing

optimal functioning

overcoming self-limiting beliefs

relationship transformation



Her work at Gaia Healing Sanctuary is founded on the unity of two paths:


20 years private practice as a                                                               Spiritual path which has included         

psychodynamic psychotherapist,                                                           exploration of meditation, yoga, Buddhist

treating patients for depression, anxieties,                                              practice, Ramtha`s ancient school of

eating disorders, PPD, PTSD, and other                                               enlightenment, Reiki, Tantra.

emotional/psychological challenges.


Avalene is assisted on her retreats by:

Annale Krogh - psychologist with 20 years experience, including specialized training in grief therapy.

John Tilley - registered clinical psychologist and fellow journeyman on the spiritual path.

Adri-Mari Vilonel - Transcendental Meditation teacher.