Welcome to GAIA Healing Sanctuary

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Situated in the Cradle of Humankind, high in the Witwatersrand Mountains, overlooking the Magaliesburg Range and Hartebeespoort Dam, we offer a haven for healing and loving transformation.



            Seriousness is a kind of disease: it is the cancer of the soul...

              It is only through love and laughter and a tremendous joy

            in life that you start feeling the presence of something that is

            beyond. When life becomes an adventure, a dance of ecstasy,

            then only do you move beyond the confinement of the body

            and the mind and soar high towards the infinite.


            If you can love, and if you can laugh, wholeheartedly,

                    your life will become such a bliss and a benediction,

                     not only to yourself but to everyone else.

            You will be a blessing to the world.




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